The SBU said that the files affected by Petya.A cannot be decrypted

Files that have been attacked by the Petya.A virus are blocked and cannot be decrypted.

This is stated in the message of the Security Service of Ukraine on the official Facebook page.

According to the ministry, the computer virus Petya.A, with the help of which a massive hacker attack on Ukraine was conducted on June 27, 2017, infects computers running Microsoft Windows by encrypting user files. After that, a message is displayed with a proposal to pay for the decryption key in bictoin in the equivalent of $ 300 to unlock the data.

“Unfortunately, the encrypted data is unfortunately not subject to decoding,” the press service stressed.

It should be noted that the infection of computers was carried out through the opening of malicious applications (Word documents, PDF files) that were sent to email addresses.

"The attack, the main purpose of which was to spread the Petya.A file encryptor, used the MS17-010 network vulnerability, which resulted in the installation of a set of scripts on the infected machine that the attackers used to launch the file encryption tool," summed up in the SBU.

As reported by NewsOne, earlier in the SBU said that large-scale virus attack that struck at Ukrainian companies could have been struck from the territory of the Russian Federation. The version that the hacker attack was organized by the special services of the Russian Federation and one of the elements of the hybrid war against Ukraine was supported by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.