Why low speed wifi. How to carry out a test of the wireless network? Other services to check

  1. Network stability check
  2. Reconfigure the router
  3. Check data transfer speeds on the Internet
  4. Check local network speed
  5. To reconfigure the 3COM router
  6. Online services and programs
  7. Checking the Internet with Ping
  8. The actual speed of your line

Understanding how the router works will help you quickly resolve problems if you have problems. Let us consider in detail how you can test the router for operation and increase the speed of Wi-Fi.

You can diagnose the device at home

It is recommended, for starters, to try to find Wi-Fi using a tablet or laptop. The fact is that there may be interruptions in software and settings on the hardware itself. In the normal operation of wireless communication from other sources, you must do the following:

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  1. It is necessary to check whether Wi-Fi is turned on.
  2. Then perform the setup of the wireless connection in the system. To do this, go to Start / Control Panel / Network and Internet or use the special icon on the desktop taskbar. Next, select the Network and Sharing Center / Change adapter settings / Enable.

Network stability check

The fact is that the lack of Wi-Fi or its low speed may be due to the poor performance of the provider to which the router is connected. In order to verify this, you must do the following:

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  1. Shut down the computer and plug it into an Ethernet socket network cable from the router.
  2. After a few minutes, turn on the computer and, for half an hour, use the Internet to visit various sites and watch videos, analyze the stability of its work, as well as its speed. This can be done on your provider's website or by clicking on the following link speedtest.net.


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  1. Turn off the computer, restore the connection to the router. If necessary, connect another network cable from the router to the computer.
  2. Turn on the computer and test the Internet for half an hour.
  3. Compare the results. If the work of Wi-Fi is significantly different from the work of the network when directly connected to a computer, the router must be reconfigured or repaired.

Reconfigure the router

Sometimes, in order to restore the functionality of the router and increase the speed of data transfer, it is enough to reset its settings. For this you need:

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Testing your router speed lets you know what your router’s actual speed is. This is often very different from the speed advertised for routers. There are several basic ways to check the speed of a router's transfer, including testing transfer speeds to and from the Internet, as well as data transfer rates between two different computers in local network . Testing will help you find out how fast your internet connection is or how long it will take to transfer files across your network.

  1. Disconnect all signal cables.
  2. Enable the router. Find the "Reset" button on the case, press and hold it for 10 to 19 seconds. If you hold the button for more than 20 seconds, the router will switch to emergency mode. A reset will be reported by flashing, changing the number or order of the LEDs. After that we release the button and get a router with the default settings.

After that we release the button and get a router with the default settings

Check data transfer speeds on the Internet

Open an Internet browser on one of the computers connected to the Internet through a router. Look at the numbers listed under the labels “Download Speed” and “Download Speed”. Download speed is how fast data from the Internet can be transferred to your computer. Download speed is how fast you can transfer information from your computer to the Internet.

Check local network speed

Compare download and download speeds with the rates offered by your ISP. If the numbers are pretty close to each other, you will bypass the advertised Internet speed. Read the values ​​for "Mbps" in the "Write and read" columns. Write speed is how fast you can copy information to another computer. Reading speed is how to quickly access information from another computer. Delete the shared folder you created when you finished testing.

To reconfigure the 3COM router

  1. Open the browser installed on your computer or laptop.
  2. To go to the router configuration page, in the address bar, enter Login will be executed without an internet connection.
  3. Enter in the menu that appears the password and login "admin" / "admin". After that, all settings will become basic.

Checking the driver of the router

The reason for the lack of connection to the Internet can be:

Run the test on two computers with a wired connection to the router and two computers with wireless connection to the router to find out both speeds for comparison. Wireless speed is usually slower. . They not only provide faster data transfer, but also use more intelligent transfer methods. To do this, click the network icon in the task list to open the network and exchange center. Now go to the "Wireless network connection "And click" Show Status ".

A status window opens in which the transfer rate is issued. This also includes network verification. Advantage: the highest possible reception speed is also recognized. The simplest, but also the most accurate methods to know the real megablocks you get.

  • failure of the driver;
  • no driver after reinstallation;
  • outdated driver.

In this case, you need to download the driver from the manufacturer's computer or laptop. When downloading from less reliable sites, you can download a lot of malware and viruses along with the driver.

How to check the speed of the Internet that we receive? One thing is announced or contract megablocks, and others are very different, which we get at home. To test our speed, the most common is speed checking. But it can also be very inaccurate.

Online services and programs

The test result is distorted by factors not related to the connection. But if the result is bad, this is not valid evidence for the requirement of our operator. However, the test has a powerful advantage, telling us instantly if we need to continue the investigation or not.

  • click the asterisk on the desktop taskbar and, if necessary, enter the password for your network;
  • if there is no connection, use the “Troubleshoot” option;
  • if this does not help, delete network connection and then create it.

Checking the Internet with Ping

Ping is a utility for checking network connections. To run it, do the following:

Therefore, the first thing we propose is to do a test. Click here to get started. And if the result is not satisfactory, go back to the article to learn how to continue the investigation. Another simple way to check the speed of your line is to start downloading a large file. Choose any and start the download.

The actual speed of your line

You will see that the speed is indicated in the download window. Here we explain why you should do these calculations. Once you know the speed, cancel the download. As with the speed check, this data is also inaccurate. A speed test or file upload gives us a total speed that is influenced by many factors. However, if you want to know exactly what your operator gives you - a megaphone comes out of the end of a telephone cable - you can know it, and the answer is on your router.

  1. Open command console - Start - Command Prompt. AT command line enter CMD and press Enter.
  2. After the black window appears, enter the Ping command / Network address of the router. After the name the keys “n” and “t” are indicated. In this case, n, t are, respectively, the necessary and unlimited number of packets. When choosing the key “t”, Ping will need to be stopped with the command Ctrl + C.
  3. After clicking “OK”, the results will appear on the screen. Among which:
  • response time (time) - the speed of receiving / transmitting information. The value should be no more than a few units, and preferably about one;
  • Lost - indicates the number of packet losses. If the value is greater than zero, the router is faulty and must be taken to service.

Do you know your router is talking to the telephone exchange? And there will be more interference the farther you live from the switch. The telephone cable was invented to talk on the phone, and it is a miracle that we can connect to it on the Internet! Thus, the switch and the router must be consistently automated to reduce speed to a point where communication is clear and stable. At this speed, it is called “synchronization speed” and is the actual speed of our connection, which is given by our operator.

How to find out the speed of synchronization? You can just call your operator and ask. But also the fact that our router is constantly registered. We see this in the admin panel of the router, which is accessed from a regular browser, as if it were a web page.

If the ping command fails to start, the router is most likely in recovery mode. To return him to work, you need the services of a service center.

Thus, the lack of Wi-Fi does not mean that problems are only in the router. Perhaps, having understood the details, you can independently achieve a good speed of your wireless network .

The method of accessing the router administration page depends on each specific router model, but you can try the following. If you are unable to log in, refer to your router’s manual or technical service your company.

  • In the address bar of your browser, enter: 1 and press the enter key.
  • If this does not work, try 1.
  • You will be prompted to enter your username and password.
  • You will see your router's configuration menu.
  • If you find them, you will be in the right place.

Now let's explain this data.

How to check the speed of the Internet that we receive?
Do you know your router is talking to the telephone exchange?
How to find out the speed of synchronization?