Duplication of the screen of the smartphone to the computer via usb. How to display the image from the phone screen, tablet on a computer monitor, laptop: a program for duplicating the screen of a smartphone to a computer. Displays the screen of the smartphone on the computer.

  1. What are the ways to display the phone and tablet screen on a PC?
  2. Method 2. Using ApowerMirror
  3. For iOS devices
  4. For Android devices
  5. Method 3: Purchase a screen projector for a phone
  6. Method 4. Using the Android SDK and [email protected]
  7. Method 5: Use the Reflection Software Application

Many of us know that watching photos and videos from Android tablet or the smartphone is most convenient on the big screen of modern TVs, to which these devices can be easily and simply connected wirelessly, via a Wi-Fi connection.

However, as it turned out, far from everyone knows that you can just as easily and simply display the contents of the screen of Android devices on a computer screen, laptop, and even a tablet running this version of the Microsoft operating system. How to do it?

Very, very easy:

1. First of all, you need to find and run the “Connect” application on your Windows 10 device. To do this, enter its name in the search bar and select this application in the list of results.

2. Once launched, the Connect application will check the capabilities of your computer, and if they meet its requirements, it will display on the screen a message of readiness to connect to your Android device.

3. Now, on your Android smartphone, tablet or other device with operating system Google on board open the curtain quick settings in which you need to find and select the “Translation” tile:

4. Usually, after clicking on it, nothing interesting happens and you see something like this:

Do not worry, it just means that you need to turn on the Android device’s screen broadcast mode in its settings menu. To do this, click at the bottom of the window on the inscription "SETTINGS".

In the broadcast settings window, click on the menu button in the form of a vertical ellipsis, and put a checkmark next to the "Enable" option.

In the broadcast settings window, click on the menu button in the form of a vertical ellipsis, and put a checkmark next to the Enable option

After that you will see a list of devices available for connection as a wireless screen, among which should be your PC, laptop or tablet. In my case, this is the MyNout device.

6. Click on the device to which you want to connect and after a short connection process, you will see your screen in the Connect application window of Windows. Android smartphone or tablet:

In some cases, you can even manage Android device using the mouse and the Windows PC keyboard. Unfortunately, I was not lucky in this:

In this article you will learn how to display an image from a phone or tablet screen on a computer.


Smartphones today are getting better and better, better in terms of hardware specifications and larger in screen size. At the moment, screens for smartphones can be of any size from 4.7 inches to 6 inches or even more, depending on the manufacturer. However, for some people it is not convenient to work with a small mobile screen.

Because of this, many fanatics are always looking for applications that can display the phone screen on a PC. Projecting your mobile screen right to your computer really gives a lot of benefits such as best view to clearly see the details, the ability to watch videos on the big screen without transmission, it is convenient to talk with friends using video streams, etc.

For sure, the next question, in your opinion, will be “how to display my phone on my computer?” If yes, read this article and learn more about designing a mobile screen.

What are the ways to display the phone and tablet screen on a PC?

Method 1. Using Apowersoft Phone Manager

For those who want to use a professional tool to display the phone screen on a computer, this Apowersoft phone manager can try. It can transfer data between phone and PC, backup mobile files . It has the ability to restore content from previous backups, take screenshots, manage multimedia content and much more.

Note In addition to displaying your Android phones, this software can also display the iPhone on a PC using the built-in iOS Recorder feature. With it, you can display and record the screen of the iPhone or iPad on a computer with sound. In addition, the screenshots are also very convenient and easy.

How to display the phone screen on a laptop using this software:

  • Install Phone Manager on your PC.
  • Run the software. Then connect your Android phone or iOS to PC via USB or WiFi. You can also use an Android device to scan a QR code for a successful connection.
  • If you connect via WiFi or QR scan, be sure to install the Android version of Phone Manager first on your device. You can scan the QR code below to install the Phone Manager APK file.
  • The large display of the mobile phone, shown in the left panel, displays the screen of your phone in real time.
  • To make it larger or smaller, click the Show in full screen mode " Located under the device.

To make it larger or smaller, click the Show in   full screen mode    Located under the device

Phone Manager is a simple and practical way to display a mobile screen on a PC. In addition to real-time screen mirroring, you can also perform other functions, such as transferring files or sending text messages, by clicking on the assigned icons located on top of the interface.

Method 2. Using ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror surpasses the display of your phone screen on a PC and provides a powerful feature Android controls from PC using keyboard and mouse. Following a few simple steps , users are allowed to play mobile games mirrored on the big screen with the mouse. Moreover, it will be the perfect choice to enjoy movies with your family on a PC, rather than a tiny phone screen. During the process, you can take pictures and record screen.

Below are details on how to use this tool. And the first step is to download and install this program on your computer and launch it.

For iOS devices

You can connect your iPhone and PC through the same network as long as your device supports AirPlay. Swipe up to open AirPlay on your phone. Then select the device name, including “Apowersoft” . Soon you will find that the phone screen is displayed on your PC.

For Android devices

Turn on USB debugging and connect the cable to connect two devices. Then you will receive a window asking for your permission to install the application on the phone. Select "Accept" . If this fails, you must download it manually.

Activate the application on your phone and the window pops up. Select "Do not show again" and click "START NOW . " Soon you will find that the phone screen is closed on the desktop.

Note. If the “Manage from PC” mode is enabled , you can connect devices via WiFi and control your phone from a PC. Select "WiFi Connection" and click "Mirror" on your phone, then select the device name with "Apowersoft" inside.

Method 3: Purchase a screen projector for a phone

If you do not want to install software on your computer or Android phone, you can buy a projector with a phone screen. This really leans towards true hardcore users or professionals who are looking for a more advanced way to share a mobile screen. These telephone projectors are high-tech gadgets designed specifically for forensic experts, as well as for government agencies.

Phone screen lights are easy to use, and they can display a phone screen on a PC with stunning high resolution clarity. The main disadvantage of this is that telephone projectors are not cheap. Prices can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the quality of the device.

Method 4. Using the Android SDK and [email protected]

Screen [email protected] - Another tool that can display the phone screen on the computer. It is easy to use and best of all free. With this tool you do not need to have a built-in phone or pay for expensive mobile applications to reflect your Android screen on pc. However, this requires a little patience and some technical know-how.

  • First, download and install the Android SDK Tool on your computer.
  • Then download and install Droid @ on your computer.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer, but if not, install it first before proceeding to the next step.
  • Turn on USB debugging mode on your Android phone.
  • Open the screen [email protected] on your pc.
  • Enter the adb.exe address by entering " C: \ Users \ Your account name \ AppData \ Local \ Android \ android-sdk / platform-tools \ adb.exe".
  • Attach your Android device to your computer using a USB cable to display on your mobile phone screen.

The main problem with the Droid @ screen is that you need to install two different programs on your computer before you can start using its service. In addition, the search for Android Debug Bridge or adb.exe is somewhat more complicated. This is definitely not for non-technical people or those who have little knowledge when it comes to searching for files. In addition, it has no additional features other than content shielding.

There are many ways to display the phone screen on a laptop. If you want to get the best quality , and you have money to spend money, buying an expensive projector with a phone screen will surely do wonders.

But for ordinary users and practical people, installing a mirroring program mobile phones - this is the best thing. You can choose from screen applications [email protected] , ApowerMirror, Phone Manager and others.

However, Apowersoft Phone Manager is a professional application that transfers data between various devices Mostly, although it can display the phone screen on a PC. As a result, ApowerMirror specializes in displaying a phone screen on a PC and allows users to control Android from a PC, which gives an excellent experience.

Method 5: Use the Reflection Software Application

Another software that you can try to display the iPhone 6S screen on a computer monitor is the Reflection Software. It can be easily downloaded on the Internet, but we immediately warn you that it can only be used on a Mac. Software Reflection works the same as the first mentioned program, and is also easy to use.

  • Download and install the application on your PC. Before starting the program, make sure that your iPhone and PC are connected to the same network. Also, make sure that the “portrait orientation” on your iPhone is unlocked.
  • Click the "Show" button and select the computer name, then turn on the "Mirroring" option .
  • Now you need to correctly display the screen of your iPhone on your computer.

Without a doubt, with this program you can easily activate the display function of your iPhone screen on your computer.

It is worth noting that the latest iOS 9 applications are limited to display iphone screen on other devices, which means that all applications on the iPhone do not work. With joy, you can still do it quickly and without stress using the Airplay application.

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What are the ways to display the phone and tablet screen on a PC?
How to do it?
What are the ways to display the phone and tablet screen on a PC?