How to free promote your profile in instagram?

  1. Awareness: preparing yourself to promote your Instagram account
  2. Preparing your Instagram account for free promotion
  3. Target audience analysis
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Concept, idea and value
  6. Design and description
  7. Write content plan
  8. Hashtags selection

We have on the agenda how to move to Instagram for free. Free promotion on Instagram should be considered at the very beginning of the journey on this site. Even if you later turn to specialists, it will be easier to find sensible with a minimum set of knowledge. So, what do you need to do to promote Instagram yourself and without attachments?

Awareness: preparing yourself to promote your Instagram account

As practice shows, this is the most difficult stage. Many people skip it, as a result, they are unable to promote their Instagram for free, or even for a fee.

The beginning is always difficult, so here. At this stage, you need to realize that the promotion on Instagram is not an action that has a beginning and an end, but a process. PERMANENT PROCESS. You can not actively do something for 2 days, and then a week to do nothing. Work on the development of the account you need to constantly.

As soon as you realize this, you have a chance to succeed on the horizon right now, now you need to not lose sight of it and slowly approach this very chance and success at the same time.

Preparing your Instagram account for free promotion

No, this is not heresy. Yes, we are serious. Preparation for preparation is what you need to do in a good way even before you have registered an account. Because it is easier to do it right away than to do and correct. The plan is as follows.

We wrote about all this in our training manual, Download and read here. , and some of the material is in the blog, the links above. Then briefly explain why you need it.

Target audience analysis

You must have a clear idea for whom you work and who you need. Study their values, interests, desires, problems that you can help solve. On this data, you then build almost all of your work.

Competitor Analysis

See what they do, what they offer, try to determine their methods of promotion. Contrast yourself with them and look for your differences from them, better than you, what you can do better and why you should make a choice in your favor. Analyze the content: what is good, what is bad, what you like, what collects comments and likes, think about why.

Concept, idea and value

The idea and value are the answers to the questions you asked yourself while analyzing Central Asia and competitors.

The idea is what attracts to your account. This may be unusual post formats, high-quality images, separate content headings. The idea is in fact the answer to the question "why should the user subscribe to me." Yes, just because you are not interesting to anyone, it is sad, but it is a fact.

Value is why people will not sign off on you and why they turn from viewers into customers, buyers, fans. Here, use the results of competitor analysis: boring texts - make interesting content headings, poor service, not convenient delivery - solve this problem with yourself or make it even better, the photos just show the product, but its benefits are missed - show your product from different angles with interest in mind and needs !!! your ca.

The visual concept is a visual embodiment of the idea and value. Think in advance how your account will look like. This may be the order of placement of posts, colors, some special features and elements. To do this, you can use anything. Take photos that you will post to your account and think about how and in what order to upload them to make it beautiful.

Remember that a couple of seconds is all you have to leave a user.

So your account should be of interest to several posts at once. A person will go and read one, the second, in the end he will press the subscribe button, because everything is beautiful and interesting, but there is no time to read now.

At the same time, starting to post immediately is not necessary at all. You can create a table of 3 columns in any document and move, lay out, set there. You can also use the Concept Office application.

If you want to create a solid image of the posts, then use the application Instagrids, Tile Pic or Pic Slit.

Design and description

These are the tools that Instagram gave you, and even didn’t ask for it. It is not good for them to lie idle. When you make out a profile, do it for people. A person should be clear where he got and what he will get here. The better you work out this moment, the easier it will be to find your account.

Also, do not forget to put the city, link to the site, if you have one, set up communication buttons and indicate Instagram to recommend you when a person subscribes to a similar account.

Write content plan

The content plan helps to distribute the types of posts evenly and keep users from selling posts. Create content rubrics, add posts to them and distribute them, for example, for a month. This will help maintain consistency and balance.

Also make a pool of posts at once, it is not necessary to bring users to nowhere. 15-30 quality posts will be enough to keep people in your profile. After that, create a content plan of publications for another month and do not forget to replenish it. It is always easier to follow a plan than to sit down day after day and grind out the post.

You can immediately plan your actions in Stories or post there only situational content.

Hashtags selection

Hashtags are also a passive way to attract subscribers, views, likes. We will not write, put 5, 20 or 30 hashtags. The maximum you can put 30, the ideal number is not, put as much as you need. Now their role is greatly overestimated, but we still hold the opinion that they are needed. But! Respect readers and do not post just a photo with a bunch of hashtags, separate the hashtags from the main text and do not abuse them.

  1. You can pick up hashtags in our service. in this section .
  2. Create your own hashtags for content rubrics for account navigation: for items in stock, for sales, for how-to items, etc.
  3. Collect geo-referenced hashtags if you work in the same city. Do not abandon this idea, even if your Central Asia is across the country, such hashtags work better than general ones. No one will look for a dress by the hashtag # dress, but # Voronezh dress is much more promising. Do not take too general hashtags on your topic, they will lead to you a lot of mass-trappers and unnecessary audiences.
  4. Related hashtags.
  5. Do not forget to look at competitors, but do not use their branded hashtags. Just check if you missed anything.

Collect it all in one file and share. For example, you have collected 250 hashtags, divide them into 25 heaps, 1 selection - 1 post. In the compilation mix high, medium and low frequency hashtags. Separately make a list of hashtags that you will use for Stories.

That's not all) We will tell you about how to proceed to action tomorrow.

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So, what do you need to do to promote Instagram yourself and without attachments?